Withy Water Butterfly

There are lots of interesting places to explore locally to Withy Water.

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Withy Water Butterfly

Watchfield, Mark, Somerset, TA9 4RD – 5 mins

102 Church Road, West Huntspill,  TA9 3SA – 3 mins

Withy Road, West Huntspill,
Somerset, TA9 3RA – 2 mins

Brent Street, Brent Knoll, Somerset, TA9 4BE – 15 mins

Station Road, Burtle, Somerset TA7 8NU

Priddy, Wells, Somerset BA5 3AR

19 Main Road, Westonzoyland, Somerset, TA7 0EB

Bristol Road, Brent Knoll, Somerset, TA9 4HH

Church Street, Mark, Somerset TA9 4NF